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Otto is proposing a new way of working, today already quite common in Europe and USA.

The idea is simple: to meet their need for communication, whatever it may be, we offer a business model where you, the customer has the possibility of working with the most qualified talent in the market, without paying for the cost of operating large companies that hold these talents.

To do this, we gather renowned professionals who have worked in the best and largest companies of its segments and today are connected within our creative core.

The core creative Otto you have Director scene, Photography Director, Copywriter, Art Director, Designer, supervisors of special effects, computer graphics artists, game developers and applications, finishers and whatever else you need.

As the structure is lean, highly qualified and focused on the result, we have much more mobility and agility; not just physical, losing less time with meetings and logistics, but especially in the creation of great ideas and exquisite performances.